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November 18, 2008

Finding time for fiction

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I never thought I’d say this, but…

I have too many books to read.

I know, it’s blasphemy. And it’s a good problem to have! But I’ve just been signing up for some new blog assignments for my corporate life, and most of them require me to read some awesome new books that are coming out early next year. Plus, a coworker friend of mine has a book coming out in March, and she’s just given me a hot-off-the-press copy. So my pile keeps growing, a nice blend of yet-to-be-released YA books, some highly-reviewed contemporary novels, and a bestseller or two.

In between them, though, I’m trying to write my NaNoWriMo stuff (uh…trying would be the operative word there), and to organize my “real” novels I’ve been working on for a year+, and now, I’m obsessed with villanelles and sestinas after Saturday’s Girls Write Now poetry workshop. It’s tough, y’all. There is no time to do all of this, but it’s all so amazing, that I’m trying my best.

I have a sinking feeling that I won’t get anywhere near the 50K word deadline for NaNoWriMo, though, but I had fun trying. Maybe I’ll post bits and pieces of what I’ve done here when the month is over.


November 14, 2008

It’s been a long time…

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And we are sorry for neglecting you (all two of you who occasionally check this site :)!

Here’s what’s up: Shira and I (Morgan here, btw) are back together for another exciting season of Girls Write Now. In fact, just yesterday Shira was in my office for our weekly mentoring session, where we caught up on our latest goings-on and went over some recent writing Shira had done (as usual, it was great. She doesn’t need me! Sob!). Tomorrow, I will be teaching the poetry workshop for all the mentors and mentees, which should be fun – we have an excellent guest speaker and some awesome poetry exercises (villanelles, anyone?).

We also talked about the Twilight series, because Shira had kindly lent me books 2-4. I liked 2, I despised 3 because I hate, hate, hate Bella, Jacob, and Charlie so much (that deserves a post all on its own, so I won’t bother with it here) and I’ve just started 4. Plus, I am absolutely going to see the movie next weekend. Don’t judge me!

Other than that, I am deeply mired in National Novel Writing Month. Yes, that’s right – I am writing 50,000 words this month. However, it’s already mid-November and I am only at about 7,000 words. But, I have all day Sunday scheduled for writing, so my goal is to get up to about 20,000 by Sunday night. We’ll see.

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