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June 20, 2008

Summer Reading, Summer Writing

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Shira here. My main summer reading tradition for the past 5 years has been Harry Potter. I’m talking the hard core over-excitement for the new book to come out that I just get too impatient to wait excitement. I then proceed to reread the books backwards until the new one FINALLY comes out. As for now, adios to Harry, Ron, and Hermoine for this summer. With the help of Facebook’s Visual Bookshelf (don’t laugh), I have created a list of my hopeful summer reads. Plus, with my I’m-going-to-Spain-and-therefore-have-no-cash issue, I  cleared my debt at the public library AND learned how to reserve books. This library need is heightened by the closing of my favorite local bookstore: Paperbacks Plus. It’s a sad literary fall to start off the summer with, though I encourage everyone to support it in its final days.  On my list for this summer are Sisterhood Interrupted by Deborah Siegel, young skin Wise Mind OLD SOUL by Amanda Diva, Daughter of York by Anne Easter Smith, and The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir. In other words, a lovely mix of feminist lit and tudor novels.

I, like Morgan, also hope to WRITE MORE over the summer. Now that I am finally done with school and have over a week until Spain, I hope to immerse myself in my old and rough GWN portfolios to do some polishing, revising, and developing. If I get around to this between packing, shopping, and readying, I hope to drag all my unfinished pieces to fields of Central Park or Wave Hill. I am very excited!!! Also, I hope to start a chapbook with Morgan for the GWN summer project. Do you have an exciting summer writing itinerary?


May 14, 2008

Summer reading

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I have some traditions when it comes to summer reading: every June I reread Judy Blume’s Summer Sisters while draped over the ledge of my parents’ pool; every July I reread The Great Gatsby on the first cloudy day; followed by August, when I reread my all-time favorite book, Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence.

This summer, I may break my traditions slightly, since I’m trying to spend more of my ‘reading’ time doing other things – namely, writing. So while I may put off my annual rereads of the classics this season, there’s no way I can give up Judy Blume.

What are you you planning to read this summer?

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